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"When you feel beautiful you feel powerful.
And when you feel powerful, you are."

~M. Golden.        
Discover how you can 
SEE your worth
and become a blissful, bold, bodacious bombshell that feels like a billion!
Join us for the next 5-Day 
See Yourself Beautiful Challenge 
to uplevel your confidence and watch your self image soar!

5 days. perfectly structured.

Learn to make precise shifts in your mindset, skillset and bodyset with a proven process that has been used by Jennifer and her students to get life-changing results, one Infinite Step at a time.

Learn to direct your power, emotions and your body through in-depth training sessions, projects, movement and Q & A segments.
It is your chance to have a world class mentor work intimately with you and help you level up.

Day 1: "Self-Like"

On day one you will clearly SEE your worth in a new way and literally begin to step into it

  • "Self-Like":¬†Self-Love You FEEL, Not Because You Should
  • See your value in the context of the world
  • See your value in a spiritual context
  • Understand the 4 Facets Of Beauty that are part of you.
  • Begin to unlock your voice and body with simple moves

Day 2: Inner You

Flip your subconscious switch from struggle & sabotage to MOTION & MOMENTUM.

  • Inner You:¬†Psychology Basics Every Woman Should Know
    • How to override the "mean girl" in your mind
    • ¬†Putting success and lasting change on autopilot
    • ‚ÄčDesign your own personalized Power Proclamation

    Day 3: Bombshell Basics

    Get out your bright lipstick... 
    This is the BOLD & BODACIOUS part!

    • Bombshell Day!¬†Looking great is no longer a mystery
    • Feminine power centers and movements
    • The profitable psychology of looking good
    • How to show up beautifully on camera and in life Looking great is no longer a mystery

    Day 4: Radaintly Be Yourself!

    Go Big AND Go Home - Become CONTAGIOUS with Your Confidence & Bless Others

    • Shine Brightly¬†as you comprehend your spiritual beauty
    • A reverent perspective on your Divine Nature
    • "Self-esque": why YOUR life (and dreams) are NOT selfish
    • How women grow faster and more safely together

    Day 5: Meaning & Momentum

    How To KEEP The New You Around!

    • Bring It Together:¬†Mindset * Skillset * Bodyset
    • The Biggest Mistakes and Pitfalls to be cautious of
    • Keeping your momentum and inner power long term
    • The science behind quitting and how to finish instead

    What you gain...

    Challenge Community

    Access to the See Yourself Beautiful Challenge community.  You'll be surrounded by positive, uplifting women excited to learn about becoming their most radiant self!

    New Perspective

    You will learn how to see that you do indeed have more value than you thought, and you'll find new ways to understand how significant you are.

    Understand YOU

    Leverage the basics of your own psychology (with an uplifting spin) and finally see why it's been so hard to change before now, and how to grow the easier way instead.

    Power Up

    As you gain self-clarity, be ready with the class to develop your own Power Proclamation,your Power Promenade (walk), and your Poise Pose - a feminine twist on what you may have seen before.

    Share Your Light

    This special week is not only for you, but will touch everyone you come in contact with.  Your new love of yourself will be contagious and you'll be a gift to those around you.  

    Join The Challenge

    Grab your ticket and join the challenge today

    The See Yourself Beautiful Challenge

    Discover the rarely understood key to unlocking the YOU you've been searching for!

    Challenge Old Beliefs: Take The Challenge
    Will you challenge what keeps you stuck?  Strap on those heels and step up to the challenge today.
    5 Day Commitment: Monday through Friday.  Next challenge will be announced soon!
    1 hour each day for 5 days. PLUS a bonus hour of coaching and Q&A for those who choose in for the VIP Experience.   This counts as self-care!  Soak it in, and let it last much longer than a bubble bath.
    End Result: See Yourself Differently
    Understand and upgrade your inner voice and behaviors and command respect from yourself and others.
    This Class Is For Women, Especially Over 40
    No matter your age, it's the perfect time to truly understand your personal value and individual worth.


    And It Doesn't Require Willpower

    You Don't Need To Work Harder - You Need To Embrace A New Version Of Yourself

    See What Women Are Experiencing...


    Enrollment for this class is currently open.  Enroll now!

    Learn To FEEL The Value Of Who You Really Are!

    During this 5 day class, learn the concept that Jennifer calls the "I-dentity Loop" which shapes your thoughts, feelings and even whether you are in self-sabotage or self-support!  This class meets you where you are to build and reinforce your new, empowered self-perception.

    Learn From The Best

    jennifer gibbs

    During this class you will learn closely guarded secrets that previously World Class Mentor Jennifer Gibbs has only shared with her private coaching clients! Whether you are a newcomer to personal development or already highly aware,  you are going to gain knowledge about yourself you didn't know existed.

    intentionally designed for your growth

    A New Kind Of Challenge

     You may be thinking this will be vague, fluff info that only scratches the surface and is not impactful.  This is different.  
    This is NOT another sales pitch masquerading as a challenge.  

    This will be a focused, "hands on" class that will show you a whole new dimension of who you really are, with practical and comprehensive steps and exercises that will leave you feeling courageous, beautiful and on the path of increased self-respect.

    challenge old beliefs, change who you become

    Often we perceive there are limits to what we can have, do or be and THEY SEEM SO REAL!  But what you think is true about yourself and your limits may not have to keep being true.  

    But before we can change old patterns, we must discover where they hide, bring them to light, and challenge them.
    You are meant to have dominion inside your own head.  It is your birthright.

    Allow me to introduce you to some of my students who were up for the challenge...
    "Wow. Just wow.  I super want this to last forever as I want to inspire other women to see & be their best.  Thank you, Thank you!"
    "Thanks for being my rock through the ups and downs.  You are the most inspiring person I know"
    "This has really helped recenter me...Your positivity, drive and kindness are infectious."
    "Never have I ever met someone who lives so purely in her purpose...You inspire me to be more committed to everything I do.  Thank you for this."
    "This marvelous experience has helped us ladies tremendously to tap into our inner and outer beauty and gifts!"
    "Thanks for your help to discover my inner beauty and my Power Statement. God bless you because you bless others in your path."


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who is this class for?

    Women who know they have more potential and seek growth. If you are actively looking to gain higher levels of clarity, mental and emotional control and stronger self image and confidence, then this class is for you.

    Q: Who is this class not for?

    Blamers and low-vibe complainers. If you are not ready to take responsibility for where your life is heading, please respect the momentum of this community and join us down the line when timing is right for you :)

    Q: How much is the training?

    There are 2 ways to experience The See Yourself Beautiful Challenge. General Admission is free and the VIP Experience is just $97 and gets you access to the VIP Zoom Lounge high level Q&A, and VIP Coaching with Mentor Jennifer Gibbs plus bonuses!

    Q: How is this different from other confidence and mindset courses?

    Many well-meaning coaches try to help with mindset, but mindset alone will not change your life.  Jennifer teaches her proprietary method of Mindset*Skillset*Bodyset as the pathway to train your inner voice and behaviors.  What you do inside the Challenge will begin to PROVE TO YOURSELF with measurable evidence that you are now becoming that higher version of you.

    Q: Are the challenge classes live?

    Yes, classes will be live. Although the classes will be live and recorded you won't be able to purchase the recordings so you will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings for the limited time they will be posted in the Facebook group.

    Q: How does the 5 day challenge work?

    Each day Jennifer will teach a live class and in the evening you are encouraged to complete the tasks introduced in that day's training.  Class info builds on itself so be sure to attend live if at all possible and keep caught up.

    Q: Will I get to speak directly with Jennifer?

    Yes!  When you choose the VIP Experience you will have a live Q & A session daily where you can ask anything covered in the Challenge. If you have General Admission you might hear Jennifer teach things brought up in VIP, but you'll not be able to ask questions directly and you will not hear the VIP session.

    Q: How can I get the most from the See Yourself Beautiful Challenge?

    Jennifer highly respects your time and energy.  Start preparing the weekend before - catch up laundry, plan meals, and do whatever helps you feel on top of your week so once we start  you can focus and enjoy the challenge the most!  


    There Are Two Ways.  Here's How.

    • Join The LIVE Challenge¬†
    • ‚ÄčRecordings Available For A Limited Time After Live Sessions

    The Next Challenge Starts Soon!

    Challenge General Admission

    Every Day From Noon - 1:00pm EST  (10:00-11:00am MST)
    YES!  I'M IN!

    Here's What You Get...

    • 5 Days of Mindset, Skillset & Bodyset Training with Mentor Jennifer Gibbs
    • ‚ÄčAccess To The Private Facebook Community Group
    • ‚ÄčYour Personal Proclamation, Power Promenade Walk & Poise Pose
    • Focus Time to Discover and Nurture Your Inner Heiress!
    • ‚ÄčProve to yourself¬† that YOU BELONG WITH US!
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