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Finding Peace

There is peace in Jesus Christ.

Whether you believe he was just a teacher and healer, or if you believe he truly was much, much more - the one that can heal us all in a way no one else ever can - there is peace in following his example to love, forgive and care for one another, and to let contention go.

I just listened to a beautiful sermon from the leader of my faith on not judging others, on being understanding and kind (especially on social media) and saying GOOD words behind each others' backs.

I believe life is about all of us experiencing more kinds of joy - in heart, mind, and body - as fully as we can.

But it's hard to find joy when you are just trying to get by, just trying to find peace for yourself. So invite Christ in to help you.

Find a quiet place.


He is there.

I truly hope you find whatever peace you seek.

I've linked a beautiful song video here that moves me and causes me to feel a great love inside. Allow yourself to feel beautifully too.

Have a blessed Sunday.

You are Infinite...

PS - If you'd like to explore more on the truths that have brought me peace, you can click


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