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The Vault is unlocked!

I have a big update and a THANK YOU!

A rare and perfect opportunity presented itself to me last fall...

Smiling in a black and gold office setting with podcast microphone
Jennifer Lucas Gibbs confidence coach and mindset mentor

A fitness brand I have loved for years (HOTWORX) offered me the position of Western Region Manager and I accepted!

Part of my commitment to them was that I focus exclusively on coaching the managers in my region as my exclusive "clients" and so for about the last 8 months I have not done any outside mentoring, or running my challenges, courses, or events.

But I LOVED creating so much insightful content when I did those things! There is so much value there for so many people, and I realized that I could begin to make available hundreds of hours of courses and coaching that could help so many people FOR FREE ONLINE!

This felt right! So I'm in the process of editing footage of beautiful time we have spent together filled with insights on self esteem, business success, fitness, beauty and much more!

I'm so excited to present this thank you gift to everyone that has ever "liked, commented, shared, subscribe, purchased, opted in" etc.... THANK YOU for your support and for being a light in my world during the last several years!

I invite you to join me on my YouTube channel where I'll begin to upload many of the best and most valuable coaching snippets - advice that my mentoring clients had paid hundreds of dollars per hour for, or that had been behind pay walls previously. I'm so happy that I'm able to share all I can with you now. I hope you'll accept~

And of course remember,

"You are Infinite!"


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