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Welcome to the See Yourself Beautiful Blog!

This is your place to be uplifted and inspired from inside YOURSELF as you learn more deeply who you are and what you are capable of...

I am Jennifer Lucas Gibbs - confidence, mindset and business mentor, and top producing salesperson and coach, and I believe that how you see yourself shapes every aspect of your body, life and business. I am committed to helping women understand their true beauty and worth, and claim their fortune through their work.

As a teen I battled confidence issues and insecurities which I tried to dismiss with a stint in modeling while I lived in Italy. I learned a lot about presenting the body in an attractive way and moving with purpose and confidence.

At 18, I started my first business and began to learn the mindsets and skillsets of marketing, sales and leadership which continued through an award winning career with companies like Franklin Covey, Costco, Keller Williams and Presidio.

In my 30's I began health coaching and teaching dance fitness. I worked with wellness companies like Blendtec and Beachbody, making health and fitness more accessible for everyone.

In 2016, I followed my interest in high performance, achievement and psychology and began my training for my coaching and mentoring certification which I used to guide my real estate team and grow my first six figure business.

I was drawn to coaching even more, and eventually I consulted full time for Achieve Today supporting clients of influencers like Joe Vitale of The Secret, Dean Graziosi and many others, gaining great insight into solving problems of a variety of people from all over the world.

I launched Infinite Step Mentoring (my coaching company) and created programs like the See Yourself Beautiful Challenge, Profitable Self Perception, published the Color Me Beautiful Coloring and Affirmations Book for Women, and hosted the Feel Like A Billion live event and launched Carpe Femina Boutiques.

But I'm here for you...

Through years of my journey I learned many tools for managing myself, achieving my goals and feeling generally amazing. I learned to like myself and love myself. And it was painfully clear to me that the vast majority of women struggle with the same issues that I did; body image, weight loss, work and life balance, fitting in, feeling worthy or even just "good enough", finding success in business and in my own mind...

And I feel pulled to help.

A pivot

Last year I accepted a position as Regional Manager with HOTWORX Infrared Fitness Studios. I am passionate about fitness and infrared as tools for shaping both body and self-image, and I'm proud to lead my studio managers to success in sales.

With this new role, I committed to lay aside coaching the way I had been doing it through my events, group programs and 1 on 1 sessions. But I still have years of coaching content that is too valuable not to share, so I'm making most of it available for free now through this blog and my video channel so that anyone that finds me can be uplifted.

May I mentor you?

It would be my honor, if you resonate with my message, if you would stay with me for a while. Make the time to click through and watch some of my videos, read some of my written words, maybe even color some of my pages and LET IN some new ideas about yourself that will lead you and others in your world on a path to greater self appreciation and love.

You are truly, incredibly, infinitely, jaw-droppingly, beautifully, amazing - and I'm sure you may not fully comprehend that yet. Allow me to be your guide and prove it to you.

You got this far. Let's hold hands and stick together.

You are Infinite.

Much love, Jennifer Lucas Gibbs

PS - The technology to bring these messages to those that need to see and hear them is not free, so I do welcome and appreciate any support you feel to contribute through Patreon. Small things become that which is great, both in our minds and in this setting, so thank you in advance for helping influence more lives for the better with your generosity.


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