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See Yourself Beautiful Coloring & Affirmations Book For Women
  • See Yourself Beautiful Coloring & Affirmations Book For Women

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    THIS BOOK is the one thing that launched the entire Carpe Femina boutique of uplifting, positive self-care tools that you can touch, and confidence boosting gifts for women! 

    This is not just a coloring book.

    This is a carefully designed CONFIDENCE TOOL to help you access the power of your subconscious mind so you can experience new belief in yourself.  Included with the book is an affirmations audio track and a video training on making your own "bridging affirmations" so all your affirmations feel right for you, as well as coloring techniques to use with this book.

    The Color Me Beautiful Method is a way of reading, coloring and feeling all together that meshes perfectly with the way your mind already works.

    Coloring simple images instills a sense of calm. While your mental guard is down your brain is primed to accept the affirmation phrases. A short video training (included with this book) teaches you how to modify the words so they really feel true for you. Repeat them as you doodle and feel what it will be like to become this higher version of yourself!

     Your unique finished images printed on silky, high quality paper can be easily torn out (due to perforated edges) and shared, gifted or posted on social media (or a wall) to brighten someone else's day... and your own!

     Treat yourself daily to uplifting words, elegant images and a few moments of peace.

     You are Infinite!

    Ways you can use this book...

    • Leave this book out where you'll see it to remind you to pick it up.
    • Touch it at least once daily - it's saying "Color Me, Beautiful!"
    • Go in order OR flip to an inspired page to choose where to start.
    • Take a moment for you - sit down, close your eyes and take a few breaths to calm your mind. Read and repeat the affirmations on the page (out loud is best) as you relax and color. In this serene state the words can sink into your mind more deeply, boosting your self-image and inspiring new behaviors. Expand on the drawings with your own creativity!
    • Add some coloring and affirmations to your morning or evening routine.
    • Color neatly, color messy, forget coloring and just read. It's all good.
    • Tear out your pages and share with a friend, tape to your mirror or wall and read the messages as often as you can.
    • The poster included can be detached and placed as a firm surface between pages so heavy coloring doesn't bleed through, or hang it on your wall!
    • Read, color, feel - how will it be when you truly resonate with each affirmation and start to see the best in yourself automatically? Color slowly & imagine...
    • Post your finished pages on social with #colormebeautiful and inspire others!
    • An image a day gives you a month of positivity (plus affirmations to say daily at the end). Soon you'll be ready to start your next Color Me book.
    • On the last page write down positive things you hear from yourself and others. What you seek you find, and you'll start to hear nice things from everywhere!
    • Decide to love and accept yourself even if you never do a single page. Whatever you use this book for, you're doing it right.

    Do this regularly and you'll begin to experience a love and appreciation for yourself that you were always meant to have.

    You are Infinite!

    PS- Remember to get fun coloring pens and stickers to match too! (sold separately)


      Beautiful creamy pages with 30 designs to color each with their own unique affimration, plus bonus pages and videos to guide you through each design (found online).


      We are a small home based company.  No refunds except for defective product.  Thanks!


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